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government to do its job. how he plans to fight back right on this show. "fox & friends" starts, well, i believe right now. >> whenever you hear that rooster, it's 6:00 a.m. at least on the east coast. it's time to get up and watch "fox & friends." breaking news overnight. one life has been lost. 53 homes burned to the ground and a gas line apparently exploded in san bruno, california, the fire looking like a geyser of flames shooting more than 1,000 feet into the air. the initial explosion so big, it devoured several homes in an instant. >> sat down in my family room and heard this roaring. >> it was a boom, boom! and a massive explosion. i ran outside of my garage and when i looked in my backyard, i could see the flames. >> i turned the corner and there was a huge fireball so i got out of my car and kind of walked up to see what was happening. i was there right at the first
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fire crews were arriving. >> the fire was so hot, the pavement even melted. at least 25 people have been hurt. we will continue to update this story for you throughout the morning. well, the worst may not be over after a fast moving wildfire destroyed nearly 170 homes in the rocky mountain foothills. heavy winds could send these flames closer to the center of the town now in boulder, colorado. residents have been told they may need to leave at any moment. about 3500 people forced from their home. iran now saying it will release american hiker sarah shroud tomorrow morning. she's one of three americans who strayed into iran from iraq over one year ago. iran says well, they're spies. shourd is a precancerous condition, apparently. the fate of the other two hikers not yet known. the accused christmas day underwear bomber trying to cop a plea now?
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umar farouk abdulmutallab is supposed to be in court in detroit but lawyers are trying to work out a possible deal. the recruit faces a life sentence for detonating a bomb in his underwear or trying to. 292 people were aboard that delta northwest flight on christmas day and those are your headlines. that would be very interesting if they come up with a deal because that was a pretty big story back then and to give a deal to a terrorist, not so sure about that. >> remember his dad flew over and tried to get him a deal and say his son has been off the rails. very rich, affluent guy. you know what's happening at 10:00 a.m. today? >> i do. >> what is it? >> it's happening at 11:00 a.m. >>let me try that again. you know what's happening at 11:00 a.m. today? there's going to be a press conference. >> indeed. president obama will make his case for his economic recovery plans and will name the new head of his economic advisors council. julie kirtz is live in washington and knows what's going to happen in four hours, in five hours, in six hours in washington. >> lake a gene dixon. >> 11:00. you were messing with me there. we can expect him at 11:00 news conference to continue his theme
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that, you know, republicans are at fault for refusing to help him jump-start the economy. he wants g.o.p. support for his proposed tax breaks for businesses even as more and more democrat incumbents and candidates are criticizing the president's economic plan. of course, obama is feeling the heat with the midterms just weeks away and his poll numbers down, he wants to show that he's got a plan to fix the economy and get folks back to work. part of that plan includes a new position for one of his long-time economic advisors. the president will open his news conference today by announcing that austin goldsby will replace kristina romer as new chairman of the economic advisors. he was the obama campaign senior economic advisor. remember, obama campaigned on a promise not to raise taxes on the middle class. in his speech on wednesday and we'll hear more of that today, obama stressing he's keeping that promise to americans. his plan is a hard sell, though,
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as you might know. even with some dems yesterday, mark crist who is in a very competitive race in pennsylvania in a statement said obama's plan is misguided. probably hear questions about that today. >> i bet you're right. live in the bureau, thank you very much. >> let's talk a little bit about what the president has been talking about in the last couple of days as he continues his sweep through the united states which is the economy and tax breaks. at least for the middle class and the new ones for small business. but some people are saying doesn't this sound a lot like republican ideas? what do you think? listen to this. >> why would you want to increase anybody's taxes right now. why would you want to do that? anyone, anyone in america. when we have such a tough time, when these small business people like joe the plumber are going to create jobs unless you take that money from him and spread the wealth around. >> it's about our ideas. to help make this economy better. our ideas about how to give american families and small
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businesses the ability to keep more of what they earn. >> we don't think it's a good idea to raise taxes on small businesses and on individuals in the heart of a recession. >> specifically he mentioned almost up to 100% tax break for research and development, for expanding one's business. so these are -- these are terms, obviously, you see the republicans have brought up. it's the question -- is that part of the president's strategy? say i have a great idea to prime the pump on the economy and that maybe push republicans to act in support because legitimately they're their ideas. >> yeah, we'd be very -- so if he's going to now be supporting tax breaks for small businesses and stuff like that, sounding very republican. it would really be embarrassing if the president actually said exactly the same thing on videotape or something like that. what's that? we have the tape from a year ago? he sounds like a republican. let's play it.
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>> we have not proposed a tax hike for the wealthy that would take effect in the middle of a recession. even the proposals that have come out of congress which, by the way, were different than the proposals i put forward, still wouldn't kick in until after the recession was over. so he's absolutely right. the last thing you want to do is to raise taxs in the middle of a recession because that would just suck up -- take more demand out of the economy and put businesses in a further home. >> well, that's right there. that last part, gretch, where he said the last thing you want to do is raise taxs in the middle of a recession. that's what he's talking about doing in real life. >> the thing is in his mind, he's not raising taxes for 98% of the american public because those are the people making $250,000 as a couple or less. in his mind, he's raising taxes on only 2% of the american public. and the way in which they're spinning that is to say that if you give those tax breaks to the wealthy, they will not spend the money in our economy. they will save the money and therefore, they wouldn't stimulate the economy anyway. well, guess what, stu varney
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will join us later this hour and talk exactly about that and explain what taxing the rich really means. and you may be surprised about how that all works out. and just to go on a point you were making yesterday, ryan, i think the biggest story about all these tax cuts is the pressure that president obama and his administration is going to feel from other democrats, not republicans. >> it's there. >> from democrats because now you have four senators who want to increase the tax cuts for the wealthy, for everyone and at least a dozen house democrats. so, you know, will that continue to grow as they move forward and want to be re-elected in november? that's what i think will be the biggest. >> for example, senator ben nelson says i think we should extend the bush tax cuts. senator michael bennett of colorado, same thing. joe lieberman, evan bahn, ken conrad, among the house members, bobby bright of alabama, jim heinz of connecticut. jerry connolly of virginia. gary peters of ohio so the
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president today will tee off on john boehner and he's going to tee off on republicans. these guys and these women are in the line of fire as well. is anybody going to bring that up? it's a press conference at which time you're going to say are you going to also yell at democrats for not going along with you? >> what time is that press conference? >> 11:00. >> 10:00 central. that's what i live on 10:00 central time. >> tomorrow, we'll be live with you because it is the ninth anniversary of 9/11, the new york police department is planning for thousands of demonstrators to be down near the proposed ground zero mosque and, in fact, there's going to be another rally on the other side as well so there's going to be a lot going on in lower manhattan. >> 4,000 cops. >> and 4,000 protesters as well. imam behind it still threatening -- he was on the television yesterday and he sounded like if they don't build it there,
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there's going to be trouble. listen to this. >> my major concern with moving is that the headline in the muslim world will be "islam is under attack in america." this will strengthen the radicals in the muslim world, help their recruitment. this will put our people, our soldiers, our troops, our embassies, our citizens under attack in the muslim world. and we have expanded and given and fueled terrorism. >> not if you as a leader of the muslim religion and as a state department spokesperson would take the lead and come out and say hey, for the betterment of everyone involved in the situation, i believe we should move the mosque. there's a difference in the way he could be the leader in all this. not to incite a veiled threat like that but if he really is reaching out for the whole point of this islamic center to reach out to all religions and to all people, wouldn't he be the
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bigger plan to say look at my charge and i'm going to be the one to move this mosque? >> whole thing, too, isn't it within quran and tradition within the muslim religion to build a monument on places they look at like a war victory. a victory in battle. will that mosque be that? not to this imam, i don't think, but to would-be jihadists. absolutely, that's how they look at the hamburg mosque in germany. they said they're going to shut this down because we notice who they're attracting. donald trump isn't sitting on the side. he weighed in and said i don't think it's a good place to build the mosque. he's taken this one step further. he heard the chief financier, so good at that. he sounds a little italian the way you say it. he's egyptian. he came out and said, you know what? if you give me between $18 and $20 million, i'll move the mosque. you can have the building, raise it, gut it, whatever you want. gut it. trump hears this and says i will that place for you. not because i like it but
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because it's too controversial. promise not to build a mosque within five blocks of ground zero and i'll give you a 25% profit. what do you think about that? they didn't think much. >> no, and in fact, it's interesting because his attorney then said all donald trump is trying to do is get in the limelight. i got news. he's always in the limelight. he's trying to diffuse a bad situation and said look, it's divisive and i'd like to help. the big question though is the guy had said earlier if someone comes in with $18 to $20 million, i would sell it. he's one of a handful of investors, you know, you'd have to get all the other partners on board as well and six million is not 18 million. >> he bought it for $4.8 million so that sounds pretty good to me. >> sure, he turned down $18
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million. >> donald trump called his bluff. he has no intention to moving this thing. even if he had $20 million, he bet he wouldn't move it. live coverage for september 11th from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. make sure to join us. "the rise of freedom". we'll be here. steve, gretchen and brian. >> finally, something good to report down there, meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, it appears the american strategy for rebuilding iraq's government is working but can the same plan be applied in afghanistan? our next guest says it could make things worse. he'll talk about how david petraeus has turned that strategy on its head for the better. >> and then the cops weren't there so a customer stepped in to stop a bank robbery with his own bare hands. got him in a headlock. story straight ahead. [ male announcer ] you can dream of delivering leading edge i.t. solutions to local hospitals
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>> welcome back. u.s. combat troops have been withdrawn from iraq. we still have about 50,000 guys and gals over there and america's focus now is on helping that country develop a strong centralized government. but what will help bring stability to afghanistan? the same kind of centralized government? well, our next guest is joining us from dallas/fort worth and says we need to go in a totally different direction. here to explain is former middle east expert and advisor to iraq, jeremiah o'keefe. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we see what happened to iraq. we had that surge in afghanistan. we look to iraq and have centralized government as it may be right now. you would think the conventional wisdom is we should have a centralized government in afghanistan. you say that is, perhaps, the wrong way to go. >> right. it is. and it's recognized on the ground by general petraeus and our state department folks.
6:17 am
you got a much more diversified population as far as ethnic groups and tribal groups. it's understood by our people in the country that it's going to take a little bit of a different approach. >> sure. and you've got all the tribal leaders and the people in local municipalities such as they may be, they don't trust karzai. they don't trust the guys in the capital city so it makes more sense to -- if you're going to trust somebody, trust a guy that lives down the road. >> yes. but there's a bit more to it now. president karzai is reaching out to the taliban. you've got ethnic minority groups who are not too excited about that whole prospect. the ethnic groups up to the north of the country so it's a very, very difficult balancing act. and then you've got general petraeus and country in the state department who understand that, perhaps, there's some more negotiations that have to be
6:18 am
done to even push karzai along a little bit. so general petraeus in the last several weeks here has created what's called representative councils with tribal elders throughout the country. moneys that are being spent for projects are gonna be decided by local elders, if you will. tribal officials and again, this is to spread out some of the economic and political power throughout the country to maintain a nice balance. afghanistan had several hundred years of active warfare but the empire of a few centuries ago of which this current president is in that bloodline. that brought stability to the country just with this model of a decentralized government. >> all right. a little history lesson there along with someerspekt active on what is going on in afghanistan. jeremiah o'keefe got up really early this morning and we thank you very much for joining us live.
6:19 am
thank you, sir. >> you're welcome. >> all right. meanwhile, at 19 minutes after the top of the hour on this friday, the president insists on raising taxes on the most successful people in the country but will that seriously backfire then on middle class americans who are hired by the successful ones? stuart varney has the cold, hard, facts. he's live here in studio e with me right now and then a soldier returns from war and reunited with his true love. oh, look at that. there's another surprise straight ahead. my nasal allergies are ruining our camping trip.
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>> ok, attention people with computers. if you get e-mail that reads "here you have" delete it, fast.
6:23 am
it's a virus and spams your entire contact list. it's already hit government offices and a number of businesses as well. so just get rid of it. then military members will be getting primary ballots after all. the state and the justice department reached a deal ahead of next week's primary. there was concern that wisconsin would not be able to comply with a new law requiring that ballots be mailed overseas to men and women in service 45 days in advance. that's the news. >> all right. let's dig deep into our memory banks and remember when hillary clinton said this. >> the rich are not paying their fair share in any nation. >> well, now, president obama is refusing to extend tax cuts for top earners saying the country can't afford their share of the tax cut. >> this isn't to punish folks who are better off. god bless them. it's because we can't afford the $700 billion price tag.
6:24 am
>> but stuart varney says it's the rich that are picking up most of that tab. and that is a punishment so how much are they really paying? stuart, what is the reality here? 40% of the country doesn't even pay taxes, right? >> 47% of households in america pay absolutely no federal income tax at all. ok? point number 1. point number 2, the rich right now pay a higher proportion of taxes than at any time in history. the top .1% of income earners pays a full 20% of all the federal income tax dollars. period. that's extraordinary. >> that's alarming! >> it's way top end loaded, ok? so the rich really are paying a ton of money right now. >> is that current day? so what you're saying is if they do not extend the bush tax cuts to the wealthy, that that will even go higher. >> yes, it will. even higher.
6:25 am
now, the president says we can't afford to extend these tax cuts to the rich. and besides, if you do, if you let them keep more of their money, they won't spend it. they won't stimulate the economy. >> what are the facts there? >> that's flat out wrong. the top 5% of income earners account for 37% of all consumer spending in america. you let them keep more of their money, they will spend more. they will stimulate. >> don't you think it's important, stuart, to let those people know for a set period of time that their tax rate will be a certain way. so it's not just tomorrow, it's not just six months from now. let them have two years and peter orzag, the ex-omd in this administration said the same thing, two years. >> you want certainty. you want to look in the future and do your tax planning. if you're a small business operator, you're making serious money, you want to know what your tax liability is. >> from hiring to taxes, it affects the whole flow of the economy. one quick other point. when i listen to the president say we cannot afford to give tax
6:26 am
breaks to everybody, what about the part of the equation maybe we shouldn't spend so much and we could afford. that's nowhere in that statement. >> that's the other side of the argument. what are you going to do about spending? that's what's busting the budget. one other argument, is it moral to take more than half of anybody's income? because that's what we're doing right now. for the wealthy people, we take more than $0.50 on the dollar of every dollar they earn. i maintain that's not moral and unamerican. >> i would say on some level, it -- >> take that. >> on some level, it robs you of your ambition. why am i going to spay somebody else for my success? >> what do you think people come to america for? you compete on a level playing field. >> they want to be part of the huddled masses on the comfy couch. >> that's why you came to america, my friend. >> i was escaping an aristocracy and i love it. >> we're not returning to sender. we like you still. we'll watch more of you.
6:27 am
>> today, 9:20 on the fox business news. >> very good friday appearance, i thought. >> extraordinary. >> as you would say, it was brilliant. ok, coming up in the show, it's happened again. another town told they can't enforce their illegal immigration law because the feds don't like it. the mayor wants answers and he's taking his fight now to the top. >> then new video just coming in, a river in italy bursts its banks. now, water rushing through a small town taking out everything in its path. plus -- >> tom brady's big pay day. the new deal that puts him above everyone else in the nfl. is his arm worth it? we'll ask legendary quarterback joe theismann on his way through the studio right now. >> he's got good hair, doesn't he? >> yep. >> happy birthday to ryan philippe, too. both men are 36 years old. nightte nasal congestion meant, i couldn't breathe right.
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>> a new poll found that only 41% of voters approve of president obama's job performance. when he heard this, obama was like, ok, but how do they feel about my vacation performance? that was pretty good. >> right. and he took about three this year but he's back and ready to go. >> meanwhile, fox news alert now, this video just from italy. heavy rain triggering fast moving mudslides and you're looking at there, you see this, a river of mud quickly filling up the courtyard. burying several cars. >> whoa! >> this happened in a coastal town about 30 miles south of
6:32 am
naples. at least one person has been reported missing. gretch? >> two factory workers have died and another fighting for his life this morning following a shooting rampage at a kraft foods cookie plant in philadelphia. an employee there opened fire with a .357 magnum opened fire 10 minutes after suspended from her job. she is now behind bars. >> wikileaks preparing what could be the biggest leak of military intel ever. "newsweek" is reporting the whistle blower site is getting ready to release classified military documents related to the iraq war within the next couple of weeks. they outraged pentagon when they leaked tens of thousands of secret afghani war documents. this leak would be, they say, three times bigger than that one. >> a heart warming homecoming for a u.s. soldier returning from iraq. >> kenny tresler reunited with
6:33 am
his girlfriend. this happened at orlando international airport after nine months away from each other. what happens next, that was the real surprise. >> and the two getting hitched already after the quick engagement. they're getting hitched next week and their honeymoon will last until kenny's next deployment. hard to read those stories without getting that burning tear feeling in your eyes. congratulations to you. >> good news is more and more are coming back now. >> they are indeed. meanwhile, they're coming back to some rain in the northern plains and as you can see, we have some widely scattered thunderstorms. well, it's raining right now in joe theismann's hometown. he's going to be with us in a second. >> how do you know? >> i'm looking at it. he's sitting next to me and i'm looking on a map right there. >> he smells nice. >> he does smell nice. it's kind of weird. >> let me sit next to him. >> meanwhile, those are the current readings right there as you can see, 50's and 60's throughout the northeast. we got 60's in the mid atlantic.
6:34 am
70's across much of dixieland. it's currently 80 in tampa. it's going to warm up substantially as you can see across portions of texas later on today. 93 in dallas and about the same for san antonio, up in chicagoland, 74 and if you're lucky enough to be in maine today, 57 in caribou, maine. >> 26 minutes before the top of the hour now. former super bowl champ, never a former one. he always seems active to me. quarterback nfl broadcaster joe theismann here live to talk about anything that's on your mind especially last night's game. joe, welcome back. >> great to be with you guys. >> you should really be part owner here. we should be able to lease a part -- >> right next door. >> is it high karate, brute, what am i smelling on you? >> it's ode to joe. >> even -- >> i don't use anything. no. >> well, joe namath in the 1970's got everyone, he and mickey mantle. >> i'm not going pantyhose.
6:35 am
joe is my hero. >> you'd like ok in them. let's talk about the game last night. i'm a little upset. my vikings lost like they did last year to the new orleans saints. >> different game. entirely different football game. i felt like the minnesota vikings in the championship game last year really dominated new orleans. new orleans didn't capitalize or minnesota didn't capitalize on a lot of opportunities that they provided them. last night, what we saw was sort of typical. bret favre has had no training camp and what happens is the first three games of the season just like last year, he looked a lot like i thought he did last year. he went out and sort of tried to play himself into shape. 60 minutes is a lot of football when you play six or seven plays in the preseason. now all of a sudden, go play 60 minutes. threw a couple of balls low last night. he'll get himself up to speed. when you're a fan of minnesota vikings, you have to say we commit for the next three games to get bret up to speed because he missed camp.
6:36 am
similar formula to what we saw last year. >> they're shooting lubricant into his ankle. you remember johnny unitas, he fell off the shelf. is this the year that the 40-year-old plays like a 40-year-old or plays like a 20 year veteran that's shot? you think he's going to be shot this year? >> i think there's so many throws left in an arm. that's all you can have and you can see it much the difference between 20 and 25 is minuscule. 25 to 30, gets a little bit bigger. when you start going 35, 36, 40 to 41, that number jumps. the ability to be able to throw the ball down the field. the things you want to do movement wise. i thought brad childress their coach called a game last night that basically said, look, we're not going to let you get hit like you did in the championship game. they ran the ball a lot last night. >> if you're 40, you shouldn't be allowed to tackle a 40-year-old. >> should be touch. >> exactly. flag football. >> their first offense, they ran three plays and out. >> first thing jumped out at me is brad said look, i'm not going
6:37 am
to get him beat up like we have before. >> there's going to be a time when steve doocy is over the hill, you'll press a button and it won't work anymore. >> i'm telling, you might have your bret favre moment. >> only works half the time. >> let's talk about tom brady. huge deal he just signed. >> taxes. first you got to think about tom brady, taxes. you know -- >> no, 72 million. >> can you imagine, though, and we reported on yesterday about that car accident up in boston that he was -- can you imagine if something would have gone haywire? >> you don't want to think about things that can happen. tom brady is the best in the game. has been forever. you look at the salaries. albert haynesworth signed a $100 million contract. he's a defensive tackle who hasn't played well and lived up to the money. you take a guy like tom brady who is a three time world champion and they get 25% less money. they're smart. they understand this is a game they enjoy and love and you're rewarded for it. i think it's great. i think anybody who can get any amount of money they can -- >> guaranteed. >> it's great. it's yours because in football
6:38 am
our money is not guaranteed like it is, say, in baseball and basketball. you see a guy sign $150 million contract in baseball or basketball, that's all theirs. terry bradshaw is on the record saying he's the best in the game, wins four super bowls. most he made was $250,000 that he invested a little bit. >> a little bit. >> not by much. but yeah -- >> meanwhile, before joe comes in here and doesn't dress in uny, he comes in here and dressed in street clothes and gets into a nice suit. we took a shot of joe in the green room getting ready for his appearance. >> we did? >> can we see a shot of this picture, joe? i don't know if this is allowed. there's joe theismann getting ready to come on the show. who has the better build you or tom brady? >> that was taken a day before yesterday. >> obviously, they let -- when was that? that was like a photo -- >> that was in the 1980's. >> that was out and about like in a publication. >> no, i don't know how somebody takes a picture. you know how it is in the day. >> that's from brian's private collection. >> he was taking it when i was
6:39 am
standing over there. a little leary before here. >> it was taken in the 1980's but i've sort of prided myself on trying to keep myself in shape. >> i remember that bullet that you threw to brian in the -- in the coffee cart, right? >> actually yeah. >> you sent me long on a post path to the coffee cart. flutey went wide. >> he was constantly just walking around when you were playing in washington. >> completed a the lot of passes in washington. >> that's a whole another topic. >> for another time. >> you were just talking about vast sums of money. money doesn't do you any good unless you're healthy. and you are here to tell us more about abdominal aortic aneurysms, something my dad actually had. >> my father was diagnosed five or six years ago after an examination and dad, by the way, will be 90 coming up this year. and he -- he -- they said he had an abdominal aortic aneurysm.
6:40 am
>> what's that mean? >> that's what i said, what is it. i got involved in the campaign. i'll be down in philadelphia later today at the kmart down there and we've developed a partnership with kmart that you can take a look at the web site which is and there are going to be selected areas around the country where you have a chance to get free screenings. what it basically is, it's a blue and white bulge in the main artery of the body that feeds blood to the lower extremities and if it bursts, there's a 90% chance you won't live. it's early diagnosis. >> early diagnosis but the third leading cause of men over the age of 60. >> third leading cause of death in men over 60 and because it's called a silent killer, you don't know. you can be walking down the street and all of a sudden, it will burst and you're gone. >> isn't that what killed john ritter? >> john ritter, i believe, james garner had it before. bob dole had it and found out. lucille ball died of it. george patton there have been famous americans that have had this situation. it's mostly men over 60, if you have a history of smoking in the
6:41 am
family. if you've had a history of heart disease. these are all indicators that you better get yourself an ultrasound and it's similar to a test for pregnancy. that's the reason why i'm wearing my orange suspenders. it sort of shaves this section of the body and this is the area you focus on to get your ultrasound. >> people aren't going to get a shot. >> it takes 15 minutes. you can call and make an appointment at selected kmarts across the country and you can go to our web site which is and find out a lot more information about it. but it's risk assessment. it's information. it's very important for people to take the time to do it. and it's called triple a. abdominal aortic aneurysms and when you get a physical, especially for a guy over 60, ask for it. we don't normally ask for something like that. so take the time to ask for it. >> all right. i'll have joe theismann ask for me. dr. joe is on the phone. would you please take care of brian? >> congratulations on getting back in the booth on the nfl network. you're a stellar broadcaster. look forward to hearing you. >> look forward to being there
6:42 am
with bob papa and matt mill an. >> if you want more information about triple a, go to our web site >> police use gps to track someone without a warrant. would his privacy rights be violated? we'll hear what the judge has to say about that. >> joe theismann, you do this next one. >> this next one, all right. not even a gun can help this bank robber escape one buff customer. the man caught on tape taking law into his own hands. >> look at this! >> sleeper hold, baby! >> first the quote of the day. who said this? everyone is obsessed with my hair. i didn't really say that. but they always want to touch it. actually, i did say that. e-mail us. vo: what is the good egg project? vo: it's america's egg farmers who feed millions in need... vo:'s families who are active in their communities...
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>> some quick headlines now. justin bieber, steve loves him, almost gets arrested after hitting a police officer with a water balloon! the pop star managed to sideline any punishment. bieber apparently was horsing around with his staff before the show. and an armed robber tries to hold up a bank but a brave customer stops him by jumping on the suspect's back. the crook was able to get away and is still on the loose but no one was hurt and the money is still in the bank. talk about money in the bank. gretchen has a lot of it. >> thanks for disclosing that, brian. anyway, let's move on to talk about the unemployment rate, unfortunately, in our country because it's 9.6% right now. and for most americans, there doesn't seem to be any relief in sight. during tough times like these, it's not easy to keep your head up and keep a positive attitude but joining me now is a man who found the inner power to overcome the obstacles he's faced in life through words.
6:47 am
author of the new book "unleashing the power of words." good morning to you. >> good morning. good to see you. >> so great to see you in person. so many people in tv world are saying wow, i know that face from fox. you, of course, were the host of "fox & friends" on the weekend for four years here. >> yes, absolutely. a great time. >> now, you have gone on to write this book "discovering your hidden power." it's really a personal testament, julian. you talk a lot about your personal problems. >> yeah, i think that people only relate to a strong testimony. people who are going through hard times can only really catch on to somebody unless they believe they've been through something they're familiar with. so a strong testimony always helps. >> one of the things that you do is tell a lot of anecdotal stories about your own life. you say that your father didn't necessarily have an optimistic outlook in life but it was a football coach through his words that inspired you. >> this is a man who was able to take a d player and have him play like an a player through inspiring the words. this guy would make me play way
6:48 am
above my head. there are so many coaches like that. you go back into the stories of ronald reagan, take one for the gipper. one word from a good coach at halftime in a locker room can change the entire focus and scope of the game. >> so much of your book is about the words from the bible. you've gone back to that through your trials and tribulations. >> absolutely. in college, my mother would send me some scripture. at that point, i wasn't in tune and focused into the bible. i didn't understand exactly what she was talking about. after i got older and started looking at the word and the scripture especially in the book of isaiah, it really took hold and gave me peace and solace at times of great challenge and trial. >> one time actually on the show, around christmastime in 2005, it was words that you recited that changed a viewer's life. >> let me tell you something, you never know what your purpose is in life. this woman wrote in and the first thing she said, she said i normally don't agree with you. big shock there. she says when you recited verses
6:49 am
7 and 8 from 138th psalm, i was about to do something very desperate before that. my point was, i said if i never do anything else in life by that psalm and that scripture, if i was able to save one life, i've done my job. >> and also, it's not just biblical words you write about in this book. you quote winston churchill. >> winston churchill for me is one of the greatest statesmen that ever lived. he was a prime minister who guided england through its darkest hours. two speeches, of course, the call to arms speech in may of 1940, i think, galvanized the nation but less than a month later, operation dynamo in dunkirk where 300,000 troops were almost annihilated and he comes with the speech, those are powerful, powerful words. >> amazing words. it's called "discovering your hidden power. "you found it. great to see you. you're a dear friend. >> thank you, gretchen. >> tracking your every move with a gps.
6:50 am
another landmark ruling saying it's ok for police to enter property without permission? judge napolitano here to plain that. -- explain that. sarah palin via tweet. straight ahead. you could switch for great gas mileage or seats that flip and fold with one hand. you could switch for up to 600 highway miles on a single tank of gas. or the hundred-thousand mile powertrain warranty.
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6:53 am
>> answer to the quote of the day. kelly bensimon. i knew that and the winner is -- >> rick from ardsley, pennsylvania. >> very good. >> all right. now, 7 minutes before the top of the hour. police in virginia, falls church, virginia, have arrested a convicted sex offender during an attempted assault. they were tracking him with the gps they had placed on his vehicle. the sex offender was given a mandatory life sentence for his
6:54 am
second felony offense but the thing is the cops didn't get a proper warrant to use the tracking device. were his fourth amendment rights violated? >> we're now joined by a guy who has memorized all the amendments, judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. he's pro constitution. where do you stand on this, judge? >> the police do not have the right to come on your property, in your property or touch your property without a warrant. look, i'm glad this guy was arrested. actually arrested him before the attempted kidnap and rape. the reason he got life in prison is because he had a prior conviction for the same offense. >> right. >> they could have followed him at a safe distance without getting a warrant. or they could have gone to a judge and said, here's the evidence we have against him. here's his proclivities, here's where he likes to go. give us a warrant to put the gps device in his car. when they do it on their own, they become a law unto themselves and the fact that they were successful this time will encourage them to do it again. >> we should pointed out that, apparently, this guy showed up. there had been a series of sex
6:55 am
attacks in the falls church, virginia area and realized that guy goes where one of those happens. they put a tracker on his bumper and they're tracking him on a public roadway and they realize wait a minute, that guy just grabbed a girl and dragging her away. that's when he was convicted. >> there are lawful ways to do this without violating -- >> tailing him? >> tailing him or going to a judge -- almost any judge, even i would have granted a search warrant. on the basis of the information that they had about him. convicted sex offender in the neighborhood of prior victims, looking for another victim. almost any judge would grant the warrant. then you wouldn't have this issue. >> here's what the court said. they said the fact that the police used technology to follow the van's movements on public streets, that's the key, public streets, did not somehow invade his recognized privacy interest because the gps did not act as a substitute for unconstitutional police action. >> what does that mean? >> that's right. it's public. >> here's what they mean,
6:56 am
there's no expectation of privacy on the public street. that they can watch you with their eyes so they can watch you with an electronic device. the objection for those of us who are more sensitive to constitutional liberties is if they can put a gps device in his car without permission from a judge, they can do it to anybody. and that will destroy an american value of being left alone. >> ok. and we all want to be alone. >> we do. >> there are times when we do. >> leave us alone. >> are you making my constitutional argument? >> absolutely. you're never alone. the judge is always doing his show. what's coming up? >> this week, we have a very hot show. are the tea parties racists? >> wow. >> tomorrow, 10:00 in the morning, 8:00 in the evening. sunday, 7:00 and 11:00 in the evening on the other fox. >> fox business network. wildly successful. >> thank you, judge. >> have a good week. >> ok. >> straight ahead, breaking news out of california as explosions rock a suburban neighborhood, more than 50 homes gone! and at least one person is dead. a live report from the scene in
6:57 am
moments. >> and the president is refusing to compromise on tax hikes for the rich but does this mean he will actually use a veto? a political panel weighs in. veto a lot of democrats. that's great, but this is a can. ye it is. you can't have a box top on a can. yes we can. but a can isn't a box. we know. i don't think you do. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. with the most customized piece of furniture you will ever own. get that one piece right and the rest of the room will just fall into place. see your ethan allen design center for two beautiful ways to save.
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7:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. friday, september 10, 2010. thanks so much for sharing part of your morning with us today. start with a fox news alert. look at this massive video, massive fireball ripping through a california town ravaging more than 50 homes and sending families on the run. firefighters working right now to stop the flames and then they'll sift through all that damage. live report from san bruno, california. >> all right. he says he's about peace but the imam trying to construct a mosque near ground zero takes to american airways saying build it or else. his latest threat next. >> meanwhile, governor arnold schwarzenegger picking a fight with sarah palin with his thumbs on twitter. is he out of line? we'll report, you decide. we'll tell you what the governor
7:01 am
tweeted. "fox & friends" hour two for friday starts now. >> this is joe theismann and you're watching "fox & friends" and they're all friends of mine! >> thank you, joe. >> hey, joe. he was just joining us in the 6:00 hour and he'll be back because he always rejoins us at some point. >> joe sat right there. you actually told us about a fox news alert a short time ago. time to follow up on that story. >> let's too that. we have your headlines and the fox news alert. firefighters on the scene of that burning -- this is a new burning situation. this is new jersey. hadden township. smoke pouring out of newton diner. roads in the area are closed. so far, no reports of injuries. bring you more information as it becomes available. >> let's head to iran because now, they are saying that they're going to release at least one of the american hikers, sarah shroud tomorrow morning. she is one of the three that accidentally strayed into iran
7:02 am
more than a year ago from iraq. iran says they're spies. she has a precancerous condition, apparently, the fate of the other two hikers not yet known. new video from italy. heavy rain triggering a fast moving mudslide. river of mud quickly burning up this courtyard burying the cars right there. it happened 30 miles south of naples. at least one person has been reported missing. those are your very, very quick headlines. we have this to talk about, right? >> yeah, today at 11:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m. central, president obama caps an economy focused week with a news conference during which time he'll name the new head of the advisors council and take unscripted questions. julie kirtz is not scripted either but will tell us what the details are live from washington. hey, julie. >> that's if four hours, right? in the east room of the white house, ending it with a third
7:03 am
push on the economy today. we can expect mr. obama to hammer home the message that republicans should support his economic plans, specifically new tax breaks for businesses and the president also, as you know, wants to extend the bush tax cuts for the middle class only but not families making more than $250,000 a year. expect to hear that from him today. and before he takes questions today, the president will open with an announcement, naming the long time economic advisor as the new chairman of the white house council on economic advisors replacing christina romer. he's smart and funny and he's an economics professor at the university of chicago and last year, he won d.c.'s funniest celebrity contest. who knew? more importantly, though, he was obama's top economic advisor during the campaign. his senate and white house campaigns and his appointment sends a message that obama is keeping steady on his economic plan with the midterms less than two months away and even with some democrats breaking with the president's plans right now.
7:04 am
back to you guys. >> all right, julie, thank you very much. funniest celebrity, take my debt, please? >> let's find out. what he does. i'm just -- i'm reading one of those books of what's going on in the administration. he was pushing against larry summers a lot. i wonder how that's going to mix. >> continue to follow that as well as this. fox news alert. one person dead and dozens of homes destroyed after a massive fireball tears through a california town following a major gas explosion. adam housley live for us now in the san francisco suburb of san bruno. good very early morning to you, adam. this was a complete disaster. what happened? >> yeah, it started at 6 clock lock last night and the pictures are just absolutely dramatic. no other way to explain it. if we can show you the video last night, in fact, the fire is still going here. not nearly as large as it was at 6:00 last night. but it is still burning and there's still a number of crews here. the numbers have not totally been tallied because at one point, calls went out via
7:05 am
twitter and cell phone, via anyway they could, that any off duty personnel, emergency responders in this area including triage was asked to come here as quickly as humanly possible. that was last night as flames literally leapt from house to house. we know that the rough numbers at this hour, 54 homes destroyed. another 120 in varying degrees of damage. there's also reports now pretty wide around here there's as many as three deaths but again, these numbers as one fire captain said this morning cannot be finalized really until the sun comes up and they have a chance to get out there and walk door to door as they have a chance to see some of these places. you know, there were stories last night of people being pulled out with very severe burns. we know of at least seven patients that have severe burns. again, those numbers vary at local hospitals. there have been a ton of people that walked in. others, of course, were brought in by emergency personnel and we do know at least pg&e, the major gas and electric company here in california, they said one of the lines did rupture here. they do not know what the cause
7:06 am
is but some of the flames last night leapt 1100, 200 feet in the air. the initial explosion by some accounts may have gone as high as 400, 600 feet up from that first explosion last night. to give you an idea of where we're located, we're located at the foothills that overlook san francisco international airport, 15 or 20 miles south of the city. that's where this took place. as the morning goes on, we'll have more pictures for you. more comments for you and more information as the sun comes up in california on a very horrible scene. >> no kidding. >> adam housley live for us, thanks very much. >> he had the vision. then he found the disciple, the soho properties executive that was a waiter two years prior and he town the financing in this elzanadi on long island, this egyptian born financier fined over $300,000 for medicaid fraud. but now, it turns out this imam also has another message. and the message is not good. it sounds to me like a warning.
7:07 am
>> let's listen. >> my major concern with moving it is that the headline in the muslim world will be islam is under attack in america. this will strengthen the radicals in the muslim world. help their recruitment. this will putted our people, our embassies, our citizens under attack in the muslim world and we have expanded and given and fueled terrorism. >> that's his point of view. there's 70% of americans who have been polled, it is their point of view that building the mosque just about 600 feet from ground zero is too darn p darn close. seven blocks. is that too close? donald trump believes seven blocks is an ok meter from the world trade center site to -- if they're ever going to build one, to build it there. apparently, he's sent a letter now to the developers and said, i know you paid $4.8 million for
7:08 am
this but i'm willing to buy it from you right now for $600 million cash. the developers say this guy is trying to get the limelight. it's a p.r. stunt and donald trump says this is -- this is a troubling situation for our nation and he wants to settle it with his cash. >> i don't care if it's a stunt or not. if you really, really, really were concerned about the 70% of the public that doesn't agree with it, you'd take the cash. you're not going to find 25% above buying that in the united states. they want to pay 25% more than this guy paid a couple of years ago. there's a bigger point for this, folks. it wouldn't matter if it was $25 million, they're not taking trump's money in this thing. they have no intention of moving this mosque. none. >> if i pledge to buy the building, it's a p.r. stunt. i don't have the money. when you have $6 million in your pocket, it's not a p.r. stunt. let me give you a reality check
7:09 am
because the posted one and got this map and it's to me a very sad map but telling map of the recovered body parts and remains of those who lost their lives on 9/11, almost nine years to the day. the red dots signify d.n.a. at the very least recovered from that area. big picture is where the world trade center once stood and as you see those dots, that's where remains were found. where does the arrow go? right to where the mosque would be. >> the dots were put on that map by the nypd phoenix team and they used gps to locate where they all are. notice up -- up at the top, slightly to the right. that square, that's where the proposed mosque would be. the reason we bring this up is because the imam himself said, look, this site is not ground zero proper. nobody's body were near that location. we're taking a look. >> just the landing gear. >> went through the roof of the
7:10 am
former burlington coat factory. but in fact, as you can see right here from this, there were body parts found 348 feet, 403, down to 1,000 feet with the furthest identified by the police department. to say it's not sacred ground. to the people who lost loved ones, it's sacred ground and we should point out 1100 people's remains still have not been identified. >> it kind of hit me yesterday when i was on your radio show and said i can't wrap my head around the whole logic of the thing. it seems now like they intended to excite this sort of reaction from america so they could come full circle and say what the imam said the other night which was whoa, whoa, whoa, if you move it now, we're gonna attack you. that statement to me is the most troubling statement of this entire discussion over the last couple of months. >> it made me wonder do they do
7:11 am
this on purpose? >> the other statement below yours is don't tell me it's sacred ground. the problem is strippers didn't attack the world trade center. islamic extremists did. for those extremists they will look at the would-be cultural center as a monument to their victory. that's how they'll be perceived. >> all right. >> how do you perceive this comment? if you're a follower of arnold schwarzenegger on twitter and many are, you have this tweet recently. it says simply over anchorage, alaska, looking everywhere but can't see russia from here. we'll keep you updated as the search continues. >> i wonder who he is talking about. >> the governor is taking a slap at governor sarah palin. >> that's an important thing of being able to see russia from alaska from where she lives. >> i grew up in the 1970 in a body building circuit with
7:12 am
arnold schwarzenegger. that's very similar to his sense of humor. remember, he made fun of president obama before he was president, made fun of how small his biceps are and they end up being pretty tight. he kind of has that sarcasm. >> and while the comedians did make a whole bunch of i can see russia from my house comment, you know, in some spots of alaska, russia is two miles away. can you see two miles? i can. >> steve, remember, we think that russia and alaska, we think, centuries ago, we've been over this, the origin of man, we discussed this. >> they were connected. >> i've never used that word on the show. >> you know what i can see right now? i can see our political panel getting together over there. >> from the couch. >> they are looking at brian like this -- they're like huh? >> i hope i don't have that guy. >> and actually political panel, you do have brian today. i saw you looking in disbelief, what is he talking about? >> that's who is going to be interviewing you coming up. >> i can see -- >> going to do a fantastic job. >> i can see brian from my
7:13 am
house. billions of people are saying right now. here's what those three and that guy are going to be talking about straight ahead. even democrats now turning on the president, some democrats in his support for tax hikes for the most successful so if congress passes it, will the president veto it and rule against the majority again? >> then from former spy to beloved politician, you should be reading this. anna chapman's incredible success story since being kicked out of the u.s. >> spy who loved you. >> she's fallen on hard times. me neither. it beneful incredibites. it's just the way you like it-- with carbohydrates for energy and protein for muscles. [ woman announcing ] beneful incredibites. another healthful, flavorful beneful. funny thing about vegetables...
7:14 am
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7:16 am
and pharmacist-recommended brand to treat your frequent heartburn. to request a free sample, visit prilosec otc. heartburn gone. power on. >> president obama is refusing to say whether or not he will veto tax cuts for those who make over $200,000. >> you can't have republicans
7:17 am
running on fiscal discipline that we're going to reduce our deficit, that the debt is out of control. and then borrow tens, hundreds of billions of dollars to give tax cuts to people who don't need them. >> does that mean you will veto an extension of tax cuts for the wealthy? >> what i am saying is that if we are going to add to our deficit, by $35 billion, $95 billion, $100 billion, $700 billion. if that's the republican agenda, then i've got a whole bunch of better ways for us to -- >> you're not saying you're going to veto it. >> there are a whole bunch of other ways to spend money. >> how come you don't want to say veto? >> there are a whole bunch of other ways to spend the money. >> i think we got something stuck there. the white house saying they are confident a veto will not be needed but does congress have the votes to pass the legislation with so many democrats against not extending the bush tax cuts?
7:18 am
on this panel to debate it, the author of this great new book, there is no alternative, why margaret thatcher matters. and andrew ross sorkin is here, his book "too big to fail" is a bestseller. available on paperback, still very big and very insightful. do you think the president with extending the bush tax cuts, do you think he's backed into a corner with so many democrats with republicans on this? >> first of all, i don't think he's going to veto anything and i don't think he's really in a corner. i think in the end, he'll get out of the corner. the reason he's not answering that question is because ultimately, he'll have to go along with the tax cuts at least for the next year or two. that's what peter orzag is saying, i think this is a head fake. >> do you think it's a head fake? >> no, i think the president is being very savvy by not saying what he's going to do because, you know, 200 long. there's a lot of us making 200 long. and need to keep all of my money. >> are you rich? >> no, not right now.
7:19 am
according to my accountant. >> they put you in warren buffet's category. if you make $200,000 or $2 million. >> make me looks like wesley snipes. that's a little much. >> you pay your taxes unlike wesley. >> absolutely. >> that's a whole another segment. >> people walking up to me and saying shouldn't you be in jail right now? >> please let go of claire. >> how do you -- how does andrew feel right now? >> very handsome. >> weigh in on this. >> mike keister. >> oh. >> it's one of those words like shenaniga shenanigans. autoite not savvy at all to not tell what your economic policy is. i don't know what you should expect. way to assure investors. >> he's setting up class warfare in a way saying those rich people screwed you and now they
7:20 am
want to play. evan bayh, ken conrad, democrats who are for extending it. >> that's the thing. they're already splintered and that's why eventually there's no way you can veto anything like that. >> i want to draw your attention of what he said philosophically which is i can think of better ways to spend your money than you can. you, individual investors. individual actors in the economy making your own decisions, forget it. i can think of better ways to spend your money. this is exactly the kind of central economic planning ideology that, wait for it, margaret thatcher stood against. you knew i was going to bring her up. >> i knew you were going to bring her up. let's wait right here. going to talk about something else. is that all right? >> uh-huh. >> talk about new concerns among democrats that the democrats may be adopting too many republican ideas like tax breaks. wikileaks compromised our troops
7:21 am
once and why the latest leak could be three times worse. fiber one chewy bar.
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7:24 am
>> president obama embracing the republican agenda all of a sudden. his new economic stimulus plan including tax breaks for business and the middle class, something republicans have been pushing for years. for example, -- >> why would you want to increase anybody's taxes right now? why would you want to do that? anyone, anyone in america when we have such a tough time, when these small business people like joe the plumber are going to create jobs unless you take that money from him and spread the wealth around? >> it's about our ideas to help make this economy better. our ideas about how to give american families and small businesses the ability to keep more of what they earn. >> we don't think it's a good idea to raise taxes on small
7:25 am
businesses and on individuals. in the heart of a recession. >> all right. so is the president moving to the center in time for the midterms and maybe looking about what could actually happen? we're back with our panel. claire, we have cheryl underwood and andrew ross sorkin, what do you think? >> well, let's talk about conservative ideas vs. republican ideas. is he embracing conservative ideas? and just the idea of middle class tax cuts, that's conservative, yes, but is it enough when you're talking about the same time second stimulus and fire hosing more taxpayer money into the economy? i don't think so. but as far as i'm concerned, if he wants to embrace the conservative agenda, that's fine with me. i've got no problems with that. >> are you sensing a shift? >> i think it's a great thing. it's a shift that's necessary. he'll move to the center as one of the few black republicans that will speak out in support of the president, i think this is a good thinlyig. he needs to come over and be a black republican in the party.
7:26 am
there's only three in the party. they make us change the jackets so there's a whole bunch in the party. this is a good thing. he knows and all the brothers at the barber shop know if you create jobs, you'll get re-elected. that's what the president is going to do. he and president bush need to go out and have a drink and talk about what it's like to be the president. >> he doesn't drink anymore. >> he drinks o'doul's. >> i don't know where to go for that. to me this is more of a political calculus. he's trying to put the republicans in a box and he's taking their ideas and hoping -- not hoping, he wants them to go along with them. he knows he won't. how do they argue against tax credits for small businesses? that's going to be the issue going forward. and he's trying to push them into the party that says no. that's the argument. >> what about the theory he's going to do what clinton did after his first midterms and move to the center and this is setting up -- >> no, i think this is not about election politics but i think this is about the election and about the mood. i don't think this is a long term game plan for him.
7:27 am
>> one thing you're -- >> do you think he's moving to the center? >> absolutely. i think he needs to get rid of all the advisors he's got and go with that swagger that got him elected and move to the center. >> you're saying maybe he should. i'm saying will he? >> i think he will. >> you think he will? >> i think, he's doing it working for everybody. you know, we need some of the stimulus money in the hood. i need to put some things around and put more beauty shops, barbecue, not like we just do that. we need to do other things. health care reform can make jobs so the president is smart, jobs. when people have money in their pocket, they vote in a positive way for the president. >> wrap us up, claire? >> what way do you think this is going to make jobs his totally confused economic policy that seems to be motivated by desperation, that didn't work. there's no consistent flow to it. >> that is the current -- it also -- >> desperate sounding. >> he's 50 but asked for $50 billion to build bridges and tunnels. >> which is a good thing. put people to work. >> actually coming down to
7:28 am
carolines, this whole weekend and we just want to make sure that new york knows that they love by caroline and i got first amendment with martin lawrence. wait until i come back. i want to be a fox on fox. you need more black republicans in here. >> you know what? i think we need people of all shapes and sizes and persuasions. >> i'm talking about me, little handsome boy, come on! >> wow, i do have hazel eyes and no one has brought that out in me. by the way, i have a sense that cheryl will give you free passes. there's a two drink minimum. good luck with your book. >> it's on amazon. >> go on amazon. >> not bookstores, amazon. >> you need a new publisher. >> coming up, coming up straight ahead, showed you how the naacp launched a web site looking for racists in the tea party. be quiet, cheryl, now bill o'reilly is looking for the answers from the group's director. we'll show you what happened. then tonight our entire nation will stand up to cancer. courtney friel with a preview of the star studded event and
7:29 am
deportation, the best thing that could have happened to ex-russian spy anna chapman. red head still on fire. yellowbook has always been good for business.
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>> here's your shot of the morning. never look a gift horse in the mouth. especially when it's sampson, the kissing pony. actually, sampson is a lover, not a biter. sampson visits nursing homes in southern new jersey. residents there say he's a great source of therapy for the folks who get to meet and pet him. >> we know about mini ponies, thumbilina is still alive, right? >> sampson has a couple of feet on thumbilina. look at how sweet that is. >> still no mr. ed. >> i'm surprised there wouldn't be more talking horse comedies. that's an untapped area. >> hello! >> we figured out sometime ago that movie and tv reviews are not your forte. >> that's so wrong. you know it's fantastic.
7:34 am
>> i'm going to rent it this christmas season in honor of you. did you know that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime? a group of celebrities are coming together to raise money to help fight this disease. it's at an event called stand up to cancer. courtney friel has a preview of the big event tonight. >> shocking statistic, isn't it? you know, when the first stand up to cancer fundraiser aired in 2008, the telecast raised over $100 million for cancer research. after taking a year off, the hour long special returns tonight airing live and commercial free at 8:00 p.m. eastern and one of the places you can watch it is on line. big name actors answering the phone lines, george clooney, gwyneth paltrow, will smith, denzel washington, sally field and renee zelweger will be there. musicians like queen latifah and martina mcbride are teaming up for a collaboration. billy joel was seen rehearsing
7:35 am
yesterday. the show's host, network news anchor katie couric, diane sawyer and brian williams and we're hearing that president obama is scheduled to make an appearance as well in some form. thaurz a half-hour preshow and jam session afterwards that's going to be available on line and you know while stand up to cancer will honor those who lost their lives to the disease, it's dedicated to the 12 million u.s. cancer survivors. 100% of the money raised will go directly to cancer research specifically by dream teams of researchers from more than 50 institutions who work together, not competitively. the executive producer had this to say at yesterday's rehearsal. >> cancer may be the toughest problem that nature has given a man. it's a problem. we're problem solvers. >> yeah, cancer kills 1 person every minute and this year, 1.4 million people in the u.s. will be diagnosed so stand up to
7:36 am
cancer believe that is not unacceptable. enough is enough. time to find a cure for the big c. >> are you going to watch tonight? >> absolutely. great cause. >> thank you very much for joining us live from the newsroom with a preview. you betcha. >> have a good weekend. >> to more news, two women are dead at this hour and man fighting for his life after a disgruntled co-worker went on a shooting rampage at a kraft foods cook facie factory. she opened fire after she was suspended from her job and was escorted off the property. she is in custody. steve? >> meanwhile, brian, wikileaks saying it's releasing the biggest leak ever. they will release classified u.s. military documents about the iraq war within the next couple of weeks. earlier this year, as you know, wikileaks outraged the pentagon when they leaked tens of
7:37 am
thousands of secret afghani war documents. gretch gretchen? >> pentagon wants to buy all officials of the book so you can't read it. here's what the book is called -- "operation dark heart" by retired colonel anthony schaefer. among other things, the book says u.s. intelligence knew that muhammad atta was a threat before he flew a plane into the world trade center and the 9/11 commission was actually told about it. the revelations are part of an ongoing investigation by the fox news documentary unit. >> he's been on here before. >> uh-huh. >> meanwhile, deported russian spy anna chapman is already an internet sensation. as brian has reported ex tense s -- extensively. she's becoming a bona fide celebrity back in the ussr, russia, actually. she's days away from launching her own web site and she's been embraced by vladimir putin. there are reports that she may run for -- >> she's got friends.
7:38 am
>> nice punishment. >> no kidding. she's posed for a men's magazine. some say chapman has become a symbol for many russians who resent the u.s.a. >> what is she doing? holding the picture like don't take the picture? >> i mean -- >> i was looking at that part of the picture. >> usually there's a motivated move. i don't see any motivation there. >> can you do sports? should i handle it for you? >> i just thought. >> if you want to continue to look at anna chapman. you're ok now. now you can go. >> you sure? the 2010 nfl season kicking off in new orleans with a rematch of last year's championship game. many people thought last year's game, vikings outplayed the saints. not last night. you see all the emotion there. they unveil the trophy and did it before their home fans. drew brees did good. bret favre who is 40 connects there and they went up for a brief period of time, 9-7. there you see, thomas pulling it in. saints win a defensive battle.
7:39 am
14-9. bret favre rusty! >> really? >> really in the second half without looking at the film and off the top of my head, three or four throws that i just missed. that, you know, i got no excuse other than just missing them. >> how about this? go to training camp and work out with the other guys. favre and the guys will try to right the ship against miami next week. >> favre is 40 and exhausted. >> take a look and find out where it's raining today. northern plains, big sky country and some rain moving through portions of the mid-mississippi vall valley. a little action overnight in florida. otherwise, balance of the country except the rio grande valley is bone dry and delightful. nice feels like fall day. >> big interview last night on bill o'reilly's show "the o'reilly factor". they finally got the spokesperson for the naacp, i believe he's been on our show as well. to come on and defend the whole line of thinking that the tea party is racist.
7:40 am
you remember, maybe six weeks ago or so, the naacp had a big convention and one of their proclamations was to root out the racism within the tea party movement. >> point out. >> many people in the tea party said wait a minute, we don't have any racism within the tea party. here was the exchange between o'reilly and shelton. >> from april until september, give me an example of what you say is racism. give me one very clear example. >> the closest thing we're seeing so far is we saw a t-shirt at one of the rallies that says something that's really problematic. >> with all due respect, i admire you for coming on this program, you're gonna tell me in a six month period, you found one t-shirt from a guy you don't know that said something offensesive and that is enough to have your organization put its prestige and weight behind a -- a campaign to dig up racist remarks? one t-shirt? double standard. here's a double standard. let me give you this. you know reverend jeremiah
7:41 am
wright, you know him? >> yes indeed. >> he spoke at a naacp dinner. he was invited. he spoke. you listened to him. reverend wright says the united states government created the h.i.v. virus as a means of genocide against black people. now, that's hate speech. you invited the guy to the dinner. explain that in the context of t-shirt for the tea party. >> let me say first, that is not hate speech. >> not accusing the government of fabricating a disease, not fabricating, wrong word. creating a disease to kill black people and you say that's not a racist statement? >> it is a racially insensitive statement. race requires power. >> and you invited this guy to speak at your dinner! >> i did not invite him to speak. the naacp did. >> you're holding the tea party to an impossible standard while the naacp has some problem to own in that area. >> one t-shirt. that's all -- that's all the proof? one t-shirt?
7:42 am
>> right. they're continuing to follow all the tea party events to try to get more, they say. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, the imam behind the mosque at ground zero says build it or face a violent backlash. sounds like a threat. peter johnson jr. here to weigh in. >> and your kids are probably getting enough liberal ideology in the classroom but a left leaning publication doesn't think so. so they're issuing teaching guides now to schools. >> first, the trivia question of the day --
7:43 am
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7:46 am
>> all right. welcome back. a left leaning publication is offering teaching guides to school teachers. why? they say liberal points of view aren't getting any attention in the classroom. i'm not kidding. tucker carlson is the founder of when you heard "the nation" magazine saying there aren't enough liberal points of view out there in the classrooms, what did you think? this is a practical joke? >> that was literally the first thing i thought. this is like telling people in the arctic circle, you know what you need? more snow, no, no. look. schools are the single most liberal environment in the country, and the single most resistant to change in that regard. and to political diversity, there is virtually none in most schools. so the idea that they need more or they're under attack from the right, the nation press release says that schools are being
7:47 am
influenced by anti-muslim hysteria on the right. i mean, nothing could be further from the truth. i spent a lot of time in the last year looking at school curriculums for fox because of the specials we did and if anything, i mean, schools could certainly benefit in my view from a little political diversity. our reporter chris moody looked into this and apparently, the folks at "the nation" are dead serious. not a group renowned for their sense of humor. i don't think this is a practical joke. >> not known for their sense of humor. apparently, 1500 educators get their teaching guides. what they're trying to do is trying to beef that up. make it more liberal. a lot of people don't have a problem with one point of view being, you know, extended in the classroom. but you got to do the other side, too. >> well, sure. i wouldn't want my kids to go to a school where there was no liberal point of view mentioned. i mean, you know, you want your children to understand that this is a pluralistic country filled with 300 million people who disagree with each other
7:48 am
sometimes. and what are their points of view? but too often, in fact, almost always i would say in conventional schools, only one side is represented and maybe that's because the left has been far more energetic and on the ball when it comes to getting its message out. i mean, there is no conservative group that's sending out conservative magazine that's doing the same thing. >> ok. here's what "the nation", this lefty outfit, said on the first day of school. "in this year of economic uncertainty and critical midterm elections, the corporate-owned media will not be offering lessons about rigged political system, conservative crusade against muslims, the phony panic over debt, taxes and the tea party and much, much more. >> ok. ok. >> and the thing is with their teachers guide, they go back almost to the civil war so it -- for the kids who were sitting in the rooms with these teachers who were reading the stuff from "the nation" they are just getting one side and it is very
7:49 am
to the left. >> the phony panic over -- no, that's not real and we shouldn't be concerned about it. this isn't even the liberal point of view. this is the outer space point of view. so far out. i don't think teachers even notice, probably. >> tucker carlson, always a pleasure. fox news contributor from the guy from the daily caller. thank you very much, sir. >> straight ahead, build a mosque near ground zero or america will be attacked? is the imam behind that center down in lower manhattan just making empty threats? peter johnson jr. comes up next and on this day in 1966, the supremes have the number one song in america. "can't hurry love." know the stain. after an alpaca? i have. it was awesome. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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7:53 am
>> let's check out what the answer is to the trivia question of the day. you know what it was. the winner, brenda from new albany, i understandiana. the imam behind the ground zero mosque says moving the facility would cause a violent backlash from muslim extremists and could put our national security at risk. >> my major concern with moving it is that the headline in the muslim world will be islam is under attack in america. this will strengthen the radicals in the muslim world, help their recruitment, this will put our people, our soldiers, our troops, our embassies, our citizens under attack in the muslim world. and we have expanded and given?
7:54 am
fueled terrorism. >> how do you take that? a warning, a threat? fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. is here with us now. how do you take it? >> good morning. i take it really badly. i find it to be offensive as i think a lot of americans would find it offensive to kind of have this thought that if we don't act in a certain way, there will be repercussions interpretly in the economic world. and i find it to be frightening and unfortunately, it reinforces a lot of the negative untrue stereotypes that some people have about muslim clerics in the united states. >> let me ask you this. it seems to me and it's hit home with me yesterday after hearing these statements. that if you're this imam, don't you know that by putting this mosque at ground zero you're going to have some blow back? and then do you think he thought through to the fact that if we have blow back, then this is what i'll say? >> very perceptive question.
7:55 am
this is a man of great learning. he's an islamic scholar for his entire life and he comes from a tradition of islamic scholarship. the fact that he didn't understand allegedly the repercussions here in the united states between communities of all faiths is unbelievable on its face. and now to act, i don't know whether he's acting as an agent of the united states government, acting as an agent of middle eastern government and acting as an agent of islam, i don't see him as acting as an agent of american exceptionalism and agent of american constitutionalism because of this, we understand there's a right to build the mosque. we understand that's protected by the first amendment but we understand there's an obligation as an american to sometimes forbear and forgive, give up rights. for him to say unless you do this, unless we go there, there are going to be consequences. what i find dire and disturbing is his equivalency and if we can look at it quickly, he is
7:56 am
creating -- equating radicals, islamic extremists with ground zero opponents, with family members and with 71% of americans, let's see what -- how he has done that. he's specifically said -- >> he says this. if we move, that means the radicals have shaped the discourse and he's talking about -- he's talking about the people who are opposed to the mosque, calling those people radical as well. >> he's basically saying they're the same thing. there's not a political, social, legal, socialist equivalent between someone who is an opponent of the ground zero mosque and someone who was an extremist islamic or any other kind of extremist in the world. >> yet -- >> americans who oppose it are not violent. islamic extremists responsible for the world trade center were palpably and proven to be violent. this discourse has to end. this imam has to understand he's an american first. >> thank you very much. peter johnson jr., always good
7:57 am
to see you. have a great weekend. they tried to do the right thing, deporting illegal workers from a plant that the government's plan backfired when suspected terrorists took those jobs. geraldo here to explain next. one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do vo: it's america's egg farmers who feed millions in need... vo:'s families who are active in their communities... ...and it's kids who learn the value of nritious foods. clint hickman: go to to learn more.
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>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it's friday, september 10, 2010. thank you for sharing your time with us today. we have to start with a fox news alert because six people have now been confirmed dead, dozens more families are on the run after those major explosions and intense fires in a california suburb. more than 50 homes leveled, breaking news live for you from san bruno coming up. >> peter: when the government deported a large group of illegal alien workers, it shouldn't have stopped there. one employer simply replaced them with suspected terrorists. now they're here legally. geraldo rivera is sitting right there. there is steam coming out of his ears, you can't see it. he'll tell you the story shortly
8:01 am
>> brian: this customer is always right, even if it means tackling a robber with a gun. the guy actually got away. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> is this is roy rogers, junior and you're watching "fox & friends". >> peter: giddyup, trigger. i think trigger went close for a quarter of a million dollars. >> brian: 'cause he's in his 60s, i think. >> peter: trigger? he's stuffed. >> gretchen: more on that later. >> brian: trigger died? >> peter: yeah (geraldo -- >> gretchen: geraldo, save me. >> peter: geraldo rivera will be with us in a couple of moments. >> gretchen: some news to tell you about. unfortunately, it's not great because this is the new video coming out of italy.
8:02 am
a 25-year-old woman missing now. check out this amazing video. this is from heavy rain triggering a fast moving mud slide. a river of mud filling up this courtyard and burying several cars. it happened in a coastal town 30 miles south of naples. iran saying it will release american hiker tomorrow morning. she's one of three who strayed into iran from iraq over a year ago. iran says they think they're spies. she has a precancerous condition, the fate of the other two hikers not known. in three hours, president obama expected to name austin gals bee the head of his economic advisory council. he will have a conference at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. capping off speeches highlighting the economy. an he's been advising the president since 2004. he will replace rise see in a romer who is -- christina romer
8:03 am
who is returning to her teaching job at berkeley. those are your headlines. that fire still burn not guilty san bruno, california after a massive fire ball tore through the town following a major gas explosion. >> the beds were shaking and it was almost like an earthquake, but more powerful. >> all the windows in the house shook and the house felt like it was shaking. flames came up storyies high. >> gretchen: at least six people confirmed dead. dozens of homes destroyed. adam housley live in san bruno. what's the latest there? unfortunately the count of the people who have passed away from this going up. >> yeah. we just got that number of six dead from a san bruno fire department. the numbers continue to fluctuate. they're saying at least 38 or 39 have been taken to the hospital. that number could go up as they get more of a handle here. the pictures are stunning,
8:04 am
really, when you see the fire that department 200 feet -- leaped 200 feet into the air. they dropped retardant from the air on this massive explosion and fire that took place, which is the area south of san francisco, the overlook over the san francisco international airport. there have been 54 homes destroyed. 120 in various forms of damage. those numbers fluctuate because we haven't had sun up here yet that. will happen in an hour. even the fire chief said when the sun comes up, they'll have a better chance to start going door to door and looking for more victims. at the same time get better numbers on the houses here of how many that were destroyed and are damaged. there is still flames out there. still active flames. you can't see it from my location, but you can see the smoke come up. when the sun comes up, you'll be able to see the smoke more clear. we've been told by one witness that there is a crater the size
8:05 am
of an intersection and then firefighters also confirm that it blew out a water main. that may have been part of the problem getting the water to the area last night. we heard from residents on various reports where the firefighters had to go up to another neighborhood and put their hoses together to bring water into this area. it's kind of in a little valley area on the hills that overlook the international airport. it's a nice middle class area and that's where this took place. again, the information coming in, a little more sturdy as compared to last night, but changes in numbers because we don't have the sunlight up yet and there is still areas they can't get into because it's too dangerous. gretchen. >> gretchen: what a horrific situation. thanks very much for the information. >> brian: geraldo, you want to react to that? >> california can be heaven or hell on earth. when the fires start, particularly now when things are dry, obviously this is not the typical arson ignited wild fire,
8:06 am
but this gas explosion has ample fuel, everything is so dry. the tragedy is that so many homes clustered together there in san bruno overlooking san francisco international airport. when one goes, they start going like that and it always happens at the worst possible times. it never happens 9:00 o'clock to 5:00 o'clock. by the time you get there, there are so many houses involved. six people dead already. no one knows where the thing will be by the time noon comes. will they get it under control? i certainly hope so. but this is the price you pay to live in the golden state sometimes. >> peter: 'cause it's so beautiful there. but can be trouble. let's talk a little about tomorrow. they will commemorate the 9th anniversary of 9-11. >> i will be with you. i'll be wherever you want me. >> peter: that's the geraldo we know. apparently near ground zero, near the mosque, there are going to be thousands of protesters and it's about the mosque on september 11. the imam himself --
8:07 am
>> that's why the president chose to go to the pentagon for the second year in a row. why confront that and you know how the crowd would treat him. >> peter: the problem is, the imam is standing tall, i'm not going to move. here is a threat he made yesterday. >> my major concern with moving it is that the headline in the muslim world will be, islam is under attack in america. this will strengthen the radicals in the muslim world, help their recruitment. this will put our people, our soldiers, our troops, our embassy, under attack in the muslim world. and we have expanded and given and fueled terrorism. >> i lament that statement obviously, but i choose to empathize what he and his wife have previously said, that they are talking to the other stake holders and there is some area
8:08 am
of flexibility. i am begging him not to carry through with this project. he has the absolute constitutional right in the united states, but again, there is no reason to go forward in a situation where the radicals will be motivated no matter what we do. they're motivated by the selfish pig in this tiny congregation in gainesville, florida who threatens to burn the koran and then he cancels it and suspends it and all that nonsense going on there, that's enough to cause 500 people to riot in afghanistan. i don't believe the radicals will be one way or another affected if there is an all faith kind of coming together, we join hands and as i reported on this couch two weeks ago, i believe there is flexibility moaning the developers, if not the congregation, at least the people who own this building, give them the money they're asking for. trump says $5 million plus 25%. they say they've already been offered 300%, 15 million. give them what they want.
8:09 am
take the money and run. >> gretchen: pie in the sky thinking. have to go against you here. i was with you until the imam said those threats twice in two different interviews. he was not taking -- he wasn't taken out of context. what about this idea? what about for him as a bridge builder and a leader of the muslim world apparently, what about him coming out and saying, you know what, as a leader, i'm going to stop any idea of any violence and i'm going to move this mosque? what about that? >> brian: and take donald trump's money. >> separate issues. the building is owned by the developers, not the congregation. i am more interested in the developer than i am the congregation. they can say we're staying, but if the developer sells the building to someone else, they can't stay. but in terms of him acting unilaterally, i think it's way too far gone than that. i think he has to be with bloomberg. he has to be with the defense
8:10 am
secretary gates. he's got to be with the cardinal. he's got to be with the chief rabbi. he's got to be with everyone walking together, standing together, let's do this together in an interfaith way and i believe that there is still room for compromise, but the timetable is getting increasingly short. radicals will increasingly dominate the dialogue, the newspapers, now filled with the story. it's as if it's the only story. if it wasn't fort fact that so many homes were lost and lives disrupted in san bruno, we would have led with the story again and it will go on forever. there will be lawsuits, the unions won't work on that project. the neighborhood will be -- >> peter: it's just getting started! >> gretchen: that threat was the end of the line for a lot of people. >> well, i am begging people not to take that extra step. you are such the voice of warning tv -- morning tv.
8:11 am
i need us to stand together as voices of moderation. let's fix this thing. we can move together as an interfaith community with the separation of church and state. we can go forward. >> gretchen: i hope the imam is watching. >> listen to me, i am your friend. i love you, i love all religions. let's take away this sore, this open wound in the side of new york city. >> peter: let's talk a little -- e-mail about what he's saying. what about this report that apparently they got rid of some illegals in the work force and in their place, domestic radicals, terrorists. >> this is not a story about geraldo campaigning to be king of mexico. this is not an immigration story. this is a story of unintended consequences. postville, iowa, the largest immigration rate ever in a meat packing plant in that small town in iowa, almost 400 illegals
8:12 am
arrested, made to plead guilty to felonies and deported. never to come back. so now the mexicans and guatemalans who worked there for more than ten years gone. who do they replace them with? somali immigrants, largely from the twin cityies, minneapolis area. legal on the basis of asylum, et cetera. so now you have somalis in the heartland. so you replace them with mexicans -- replace the mexicans who had been there for decades with somalis in iowa and now you have al shabazz, the big somali al-qaeda affiliated group recruiting among these workers and those who remained in the twin cities, they have now gone back. now in the united states legally, they have gone back to somalia, vowing to attack u.s. targets. al-shabab, this is part of the larger story of home grown
8:13 am
terrorism. i think it really deserves acute attention. >> peter: geraldo will be joining us again tomorrow when we will be live down at ground zero. our coverage starts tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. and runs for four hours. >> brian: the majority of americans oppose the mosque near ground zero to the tune of seven out of ten. why isn't that being reflected by the main stream media? that story next. >> gretchen: a marine with an incredible story of his own. he lost his best friends during war along with both of his legs. wait until you hear what he is doing now. he joins us.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> peter: welcome back. some members of the main stream media seem to be insulting americans who oppose the president on issues like the
8:17 am
mosque at ground zero or illegal immigration. but are voters fed up with this kind of name calling and will it hurt democrats in the polls in november? right now we're joined by brett bozelle from the media research center. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> peter: good to have you. let's start by taking a look at a clip from earlier this week. here is that cbs morning news guy. >> one of the things that's being talked about, congressman, is that there is a line that can be drawn from the anti-muslim sentiment that seems to be growing in this country and seems to be festering in the islamic cultural center that's being proposed to be built a couple of blocks away from ground zero. do you see a line that connects here? >> peter: okay. and then listen to this. meredith veira did not challenge cleric when he called americans bigots. >> the issue with the public
8:18 am
sentiment is that when an issue related to bigotry, unfortunately our history has shown sometimes we're on the wrong side. for example, we interred japanese during world war ii, segregated our military and schools and it took an executive order to do that. we enslaved our fellow americans. when it comes to bigotry, we got to be careful about the public sentiment. >> peter: you monitor the networks, what are they doing? >> they're hearing this everywhere. it's time magazine, "new york times," just the other day somebody from time magazine said on cnn that islam a phobia is the accepted form of racism in america. that's a statement of fact he's making. all this as a result of the american people, the overwhelming majority of american people saying no to this outrageous idea of this mosque on ground zero. what's going on here? one thing that you notice, you go down -- i was in an airport the other day and i saw on cnn on the screen, they said, is america racist? and i thought, millions of
8:19 am
people who might be seeing cnn, 20,000, who might be watching that network are going to be outraged because you're being called a racist simply because you're standing up for a principle. but then i remembered the days of ronald reagan. do you know the more ronald reagan was attacked like this, the stronger he got. the more conservatives are being attacked, the stronger we're getting. you'll see it in november. >> peter: you're probably right because people -- they feel the way they feel and they don't want to be called a racist. >> how about debate? to do this name calling, it's what i've been saying for two years, this is all the left has left. personal attacks and you're going to see it on every single front in every single issue. it's not a serious debate. it will be character assassination. >> peter: right up to the elections. we thank you for joining us live today from the dc area. thank you. >> thank you. >> peter: next up, we're talking to a marine who overcame
8:20 am
incredible odds. during an ied explosion, marine corporal joshua blail lost two best friends and both of his legs. wait until you hear what he is doing now. then a local politician lands national attention, even tops this from howard dean, the scream machine.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> brian: in 2006, marine josh blile saw his life change in an instant when his humvee was hit by an ied in iraq. >> gretchen: he woke five days later to learn he had lost two of his friends and both of his legs. in the wake of such a devastating news, he could have given up, but a chance meeting with the owner of the
8:24 am
indianapolis colts led him down a new path in life and now the young hero has dedicated his life to helping others. >> brian: he details his experience in his brand-new book called "one step at a time." it's awesome. josh, you join us here. welcome, mr. marine, to our couch. >> thank you for having me. this is a pleasure. >> brian: so we saw you at the super bowl and we saw you with jim mercy. you didn't get hired right away. >> no, that's correct. i was still in rehab at walter reed medical center. he said when you want to come home, i'll fly you home and when you get there, come see me. so i did that. >> gretchen: you are from indiana. >> correct. >> gretchen: so it made sense because he owns the indianapolis colts. now you are the colts community spokesperson. you've given 150 speeches on average for the year. what do you talk about? >> i just talk about -- i talk to every high school, every age. but i talk about overcoming challenges and keeping a
8:25 am
positive attitude. no matter what's taken away from us in life, legs or having hardships, everybody can relate to that, we still have ultimate choice to pick our attitude. >> brian: you wake up, you realize you're probably in a degree of pain. you realize you lose your friends. how much time did you give yourself to feel bad for yourself? >> you know, sometimes you give yourself more than you should. but i gave myself a couple of weeks and i still had my moments during the two years of recovery where i felt bad. but ultimately it's about the two guys i lost and i was blessed to come home. so i have to live my life for those guys. >> gretchen: amazing thing is i met your lovely wife over there. you are about to become a father. >> yes. >> gretchen: you have a baby on the way. >> yes, a baby girl. >> gretchen: another life changing experience. >> yes. wonderful things going on. >> gretchen: were you married before you went off to war? >> no, we were dating. so she went through my recovery with me and has been the backbone and strength for me and then we got married about a year and a half ago. >> brian: in your book, you say
8:26 am
that you went to 4 1/2 years of college. you found yourself signing up for the marines. you talk about going and telling your cad that and he was happy. your mom, not so much. >> different story. she cried. >> brian: how do you feel now about your decision to join? >> i wouldn't change a thing. i loved every experience with the marine corps. i'm proud to be a marine and proud of what we did over there and proud to serve this country. >> gretchen: what a statement. what a man. and thank you so much for your service and now besides being a marine, you're an author. >> i am. >> gretchen: here is your book. congratulations on the new baby. >> thank you so much. >> brian: i hope the colts win every game except for when peyton manning plays against eli manning. you guaranteed victory, which is very bold of you. >> thank you for putting that out. >> gretchen: thanks very much. breaking news out of california. we've been telling you this all morning. six people confirmed dead after
8:27 am
fire and explosions ripped through a suburban neighborhood. a live update from adam housley, our reporter on the scene next. >> brian: then the president proposes more tax breaks for businesses, but they sound like republican ideas. we will play the tapes. what's behind that? >> gretchen: a local politician gets national attention and even tops this. i got to stick around for that, are you kidding me?
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> peter: welcome back on this friday. talk about making a passionate appeal, listen to this. ohio councilman phil davisson got a little excited during his speech for stark county treasurer. >> from the position of midterm. i have been republican, and i have been republican! >> peter: well, there he is. he did not win the feat that he was passionately running for. but he does sound a little familiar. doesn't he? >> we're going to south dakota and oregon and washington and michigan! and then we're going to washington, d.c. to take back the white house! awww! >> gretchen: that was howard dean saying the scream during the democratic primary speech in 2004. look at chris wallace as he joins us. i have not seen you almost the entire summer, mr. wallace.
8:32 am
how great to have you back on "fox & friends." >> i thought you were going to say how great it was not to see you for the entire summer. >> brian: can you take a single of chris and gretchen. go ahead. you two catch up. >> gretchen: chris, what did you think about that little ditty we just played? >> that's why i have loved politics my whole life, because it's unscripted, drama and you see people say all these crazy things. i must say as i saw that guy campaigning for treasurer and i don't know anything about him except for that, i thought, that's the guy i want in charge of my treasury. i want him handling my money. >> peter: hey, the president of the united states at 11:00 o'clock this morning will be in the east room of the white house. he's going to have a press conference. he's going to read a statement and then take a whole bunch of questions and get hammered on where the jobs and -- >> probably not. >> peter: i bet he does a little
8:33 am
bit. but is it just our imagination, or is he not starting to sound a little more conservative, 'cause he's talking about tax breaks for the middle class and small businesses as well? >> absolutely. and there is no question about it because -- you've got a lot of republicans. john mccain on fox news sunday last week saying, gee, it's great to see this debt bed conversion, the tact that we're two months away from the election and a lot of these would have been good ideas and were proposed. i mean, a couple of these ideas were specifically on john mccain's agenda when he was running for president in 2008, but no, at that point it had to be government spending and look where that got us. got us the summer of recovery. >> gretchen: they're certainly not saying they're not going to continue to spend though. president obama may be talking about tax cuts, but they're still talking about spending. >> absolutely. $50 billion more in infrastructure spending. maybe i missed something, but
8:34 am
weren't they talking about a lot of infrastructure spending back when they passed that $800 billion and talked about shovel ready projects and they were going to get this done? >> brian: you know better than to know you missed something. you never miss anything. here is the problem with today's give and take, i think, for the president of the united states. he's got to come up with a better answer to, mr. president, it's not just john boehner that is not for what you're proposing. there is senator conrad, nelson. >> peter: democrats. >> brian: senator in colorado. there is many house members who also aren't for this plan, whether it's the spending or allowing bush's tax cuts to sunset for those making over $200,000. i'm very interested to see what he'll say about his fellow party members. >> i think it's going to be a very interesting news conference and i think he will face a lot of tough and skeptical questions about the economy. look, you go out and say you're going to call up the summer of recovery and then the recovery
8:35 am
fizzles out. and here you are less than two months before the election with a whole new economic plan, whole new stimulus plan, you're going to face skeptical questions. it will be interesting. >> peter: from the summer recovery, they need to work in fall, recovery took a fall? probably a bad imagery. >> autumn renewal. >> peter: very nice. tomorrow is going to be the commemoration of 9-11, nine years ago. that imam wants to build that mosque less than two blocks away. listen to what he said yesterday. >> my major concern with moving it is that the headline in the muslim world will be islam is under attack in america. this will strengthen the radicals in the muslim world, help their recruitment. this will put our people, our soldiers, our troops, our embassies, our citizens under attack in the muslim world and
8:36 am
we have expanded and given and fueled terrorism. >> peter: so build it there or else, mr. wallace. >> you know, i actually talked with brian about this yesterday on his wonderful radio show. have you guys actually watched it or been on it? it's for his friends, so you guys haven't on on that show yet. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: what do you think? >> well, we had a disagreement about this. he saw it as a threat and i can understand how some people will. i take him at his word and that he's genuinely saying that, like petraeus saying if you burn those korans, it will cause a blow back, that this would cause that. i can understand some people saying it's a threat. i don't hear it that way and i think there is a legitimate argument. that doesn't mean it should be built, but i think it's a legitimate part of the argument. tomorrow is a sacred day, 9-11,
8:37 am
and you think back to nine years ago and the unity in this country and now this thing is going to be hijacked tomorrow by the imam and the mosque and this dope down in florida burning korans and we've come a long way since 9-11 and it's not in the right direction. i feel very, very sad and i hope we can keep our focus on what 9-11 is really about, which is the terrible tragedy that was suffered by all of those families, the threat to this country and the fact that we've got to fight our enemies around the world. >> brian: we'll make sure. >> gretchen: we're on for four hours tomorrow and hopefully a lot of people will be watching to remember exactly what you just said. you'll have newt gingrich on for fox news sunday? >> newt gingrich, the president's new chairman of his economic advisor, and the coach of the super bowl winning champions, washington redskins. >> brian: wait a second. they haven't won the super bowl yet. they haven't played a game. >> i understand that, which is why we're undefeated. >> peter: there you go. chris, thank you very much.
8:38 am
have a terrific weekend. >> see you. >> gretchen: fox news alert. let's go back out to california because the flames are still smoldering in san bruno, california after a massive fire ball tore through the town after a explosion. >> we heard, boom, boom, boom, like that. big explosion, like really big. i thought at first it was earthquake. we saw fire coming from down. >> gretchen: six people now confirmed dead. dozens of homes destroyed. adam housley live for us in the san francisco suburb of san bruno. what's the very latest now? >> yeah. that blast, when you hear people talking about it, the heat was so intense that asphalt was actually flowing down the street. that's how warm this fire was. it was unbelievable. you seen the pictures. we have live aerials coming in right now from one of our affiliates that gives you a live look above where this explosion took place. you can see there is still small flames. everything is under control here, at the same time there is still a smaller fires within
8:39 am
this explosion and fire burning area. what helped fan this fire last night were 20 mile-an-hour winds also that were up in he's foot hills overlooking the san francisco international airport, 15 miles south of the city. that's where this explosion took place when the gas line ruptured and basically blew a crater the size of an intersection that also ruptured the water main, which made it very difficult to get water to parts of this fire. at times there were 15, 20 homes on fire at the same time. crews were called in from all over the area. i saw on twitter last night, i saw on e-mail and also heard over the scanner calls for any and all emergency personnel in the area, whether you were in uniform or not, to come here, including triage. it was quite a scene here last night. and as the sun comes up in 45 minutes or so, they'll have a better handle to see how bad this damage really is. they're going to be going door to door at that time. it will be safer 'cause you'll have the light of the day here. at this hour, they're saying 54
8:40 am
homes destroyed. roughly 120 others had various forms of damage and six deaths. even the fire chief said in the last half hour that he expects those numbers all to go up. how much, hopefully not much at all. but we won't know until the sun comes up here. >> gretchen: you're right there to report it for us. thank you very much for that live report. adam housley in california. >> brian: now let's talk security and lack thereof. more headlines. this afternoon arkansas senate candidate blanch lincoln and john boozeman will square off in little rock. last month's poll shows lincoln trailing, even though she high school more money for the race. she's trailing significantly, 65 to 27. >> gretchen: check out this video, armed robber tries to hold up a bank, but is unsuccessful thanks to a brave customer. watch as the man in the gray shirt jumps on the masked
8:41 am
suspect. wisconsin police say the would be crook was able to escape and is still on the loose, but luckily no one was hurt. i can't believe that guy did that. >> brian: you want someone tackling him? >> peter: the guy looks like michael jackson right there. >> brian: yeah, michael jackson passed away. >> peter: let's look quickly at what's going on weather wise. will we need the umbrella? as you can see, thunderstorms through parts of the mid mississippi valley, northern plains. a little in the mid atlantic. current temperatures as you head out, 66 in kansas city. 60 in raleigh. >> gretchen: he was among the first in the media to witness the destruction at ground zero on september 11. now john walsh is going after the terrorists who remain on the run and he's here with us next. >> a solution may be in the works for the mosque controversy in new york city. rumors donald trump may buy the
8:42 am
property. see, that would end the controversy 'cause as you know, trump only worships himself. [ laughter ]
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> i've been in a lot of crime scenes. i was at the oklahoma bombing. nothing touched me like this. there are heros here all over the place. there are people that are here working to find their loved ones, there are cops risking their lives, firemen, cadaver dogs. >> peter: i remember those pictures. two days after the 9-11 attacks, nine years ago tomorrow, john walsh and his team were the only tv crew allowed at the world trade center site. >> brian: for his premiere season tomorrow, "america's most wanted "returns to ground zero to look back and track and possibly help catch those responsible. in fact, the second most wanted
8:46 am
after bin laden in international terror today, john walsh to talk about the guy that could be right here. john, welcome back. tell me about the subject that has you on our couch commemorating this day. >> you know, i have saw a lot of horrible things at ground zero, i saw a lot of heros and the impact changed american history. and the battle goes on. now the f.b.i. has asked us to focus in, to go back to ground zero and on this week is the premiere of our 24th season to profile and talk about the guy who was raised in the united states in florida, taught school at broward community college, taught english as a second language class, and lived here in new york city and trained by al-qaeda to plan the next horrible event, the next 9-11. he failed recently. you guys live here in new york city. he's the guy that trained and hired the two guys from colorado
8:47 am
who tried to come here and do the subway bombing. he is the personal, personal student of khalid shaikh mohammed, the guy with the frizzy hair that was water boarded down in guantanamo bay, the guy who was the architect of ground zero, of 9-11. so this is a guy, raised here, u.s. i.d., speaks english, four or five passports. he isn't like the 9-11 bombers. they were brought in and tried to assimilate into american society. he grew up in america, very dangerous guy. >> peter: your friends in law enforcement, that's the kind of guy that terrifies them the most. the guy born in the united states somewhere, gets radicalized over the internet or some other way. next thing you know, he's planning and it's hard to stop him. >> again, he may be out of the country. he was trained in afghanistan terrorist camps over there. but he's come in and out easily because he's got so much good i.d. and he knows our culture.
8:48 am
>> brian: what do you have to go on that might be on your show? >> we have a lot of video of him. the two guys that were caught from the subway bombing coughed up a lot about some of his identities, some of his passports, and when you go on america's most wanted, the world is a smaller place. >> peter: it is. it is hard to believe it was nine years ago already. >> it seems like it was yesterday. it seems like it was 100 years ago. but it was pretty erie to be the only guy down there and when i came here, of course, as you remember, we couldn't fly. when the f.b.i. and nypd said you have to come from location, we came by bus from minnesota. there was nobody in downtown manhattan. it looked like baghdad and you still don't see all the buildings that were destroyed around ground zero and you couldn't fly. it was the saddest, creepiest, terrible thing. >> brian: there was hope we would find people alive. that's what was happening. >> peter: we'll be watching this
8:49 am
weekend. another season, hard to believe. congratulations. >> thank you. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, are you struggling to stay thin? i'm talking to you. former super model angie everheart is here and believe it or not, she struggled with that and has the secret to keeping the weight off even after having a baby. >> peter: let's check in with martha mccallum. what's happening in 11 minutes? >> coming up at 9:00 o'clock eastern, governor tom kane will join us one day before september 11. he's got an update on the current state of the terrorist threat against the united states now. it's very interesting. we'll talk about that. then an entire neighborhood explodes in california. how does that happen? we are live at the scene. also karl rove joins us as we get ready for the president this morning. what does he expect we'll hear coming up.
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> gretchen: it is fashion week here in new york city and it seems the focus is more about the shrinking size of the models than even the clothes themselves. angie everheart struggled with her weight, especially after becoming a new mom and joins me live in the studio. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: so you have a beautiful baby boy at home who is one now. but like so many other millions of women, you put on some pounds when you got pregnant. >> i was tipping the scales. i didn't hit 200 pounds, but i did. a lot of weight. >> gretchen: so you went to nutra system after. they came to you and said we can help. what happened? >> they asked -- they sent me the food and said if you lose the weight, we would love to do something with you. it was a great incentive and it melted off because i couldn't work out right away because i had a c section and so the food actually did the work for me
8:54 am
right away. it's a work in progress. >> gretchen: 35 pounds later, you're back. >> it's a little bit more now, but yes. 35 pounds was the first initial weight that i lost right away on that specific program. >> gretchen: but you can relate then to so many other american women out there who struggle with their weight and you say that even though you're known as a super model, you struggled with your weight your whole life. in what way? >> i still do. i still fight to stay thin because i like food. i like get -- when you get older, your metabolism slows down. you have to work harder. you think when you're 22 that it's so easy. but for some people it is. for some people it isn't. >> gretchen: what is your take now, we're looking at this shot -- what is your take now on the situation with the models and the image that they might portray to the young girls in america as they grow up seeing really skinny shots? >> that picture in sports illustrated, we weren't
8:55 am
retouched when i was a model. >> gretchen: that's important to point out. number one. look how great you look. but what's your point about that? >> well, that's what i really looked like. that's not a picture that was retouched. girls today, the models today are very skinny. i mean, very, very, very skinny. we didn't look like that. we were muscular and toned, we were thin, but -- >> gretchen: but a healthy thin. all the things that the men like. right? >> yes. >> gretchen: let's look at the nutra system study that came out. here is what they said, american, 73% of you would go without tv, cell phone or computer for a flat tummy. 20% of americans would rather shed ten to 20 pounds than get promoted at work and 52% of women would rather go without sex all summer than gain ten pounds. what do you think about that, angie? >> i think that would be a long
8:56 am
summer. >> gretchen: what about the other stuff? those women would do that much for just losing a few pounds? >> i mean, some women have a really hard time losing weight. try nutra system. you don't have to give up sex. >> gretchen: what better way could i sum up the rest of the show after that. somehow i'll try. when we come back in two minutes. great to see you. continued success. >> thank you. >> gretchen: right back.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> peter: we're going to talk to angie in the after the show show. log on right now. also make sure you join us tomorrow. we're going to kick things off. tomorrow 6:00 a.m. eastern for four hours of the rise of freedom is what we'll be calling tomorrow's program. >> gretchen: we'll have a lot of guests during that four hours to remember the 9th anniversary of 9-11, karl rove, the mayor of new york city, michael bloomberg, congressman peter king from new york, as well as michael mccasey, the former attorney general under prest

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